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Whether you are here to start your anti-racist journey, a loved one sent you here, you are looking for practical advice around cultural competency or you just have questions, this page is for you! I’m glad you are here, my name is Grey and you can read more about me here. I know it can be hard to find good, down to earth and compassionate information about race, race relations, and other isms. So I’ve made this page as a great place to get your feet wet!

I’ll be kind and understanding but I expect readers to do the hard work and when something here is challenging to take some time and think about it. If you end up having questions you can attend future classes or join my Patreon to ask me!

What is White Privilege?

I see this question a lot online and people saying it doesn’t exist. If you are confused by this term or don’t think it exists, this is where I dig into it. What does White privilege mean and what doesn’t it mean? What about poor white people? And what does it mean for you? I try to explore these questions and more.

Cultural Appropriation

Are you tired of this conversation? I am. It’s not even the right conversation. In this article, I break down this idea into smaller easier to digest parts. Then shift the discussion to what is really important… respect.

White Guilt

I hate “white guilt” as a phrase. Most likely you do too. It just might not be for the same reasons. I hate “white guilt” because the phase currently isn’t very helpful and pulling us away from the more important conversation. I break down why many nice white people are in my inbox to try to convince me they are a “good white person”. Or, defensively becoming overly aggressive at the idea that the pit in their stomach when dealing with race relations is not minorities’ fault. If that’s you, or you also hate this phrase, you may like this one.

Why can’t they just be nice

As your proxy kind Black friend who is willing to talk to you about this, it is important to talk about why you can’t expect this compassion from everyone. Not only that but why expecting that is a part of a greater issue we have inherited. I write this blog in part so that those who are tired/unwilling or unable to be kind in the face of -isms, don’t have to. Yet, people new to this, get the answers they need too. There is a reason not all Black people are nice about race relations and here’s why you should respect that choice even if it feels bad.

Police Brutality and What to Do About it

As BLM rises in the white consciousness again, So does a feeling of helplessness around police brutality. I give you all some ideas of what you can actively do about it. right now, today.

What is Racism

What if I told you being racist isn’t just being hateful? Lately, there has been a lot of confusion around what racism is and why things are being called racist when they aren’t actively hateful.

Black Vs African American

Learn a little history about these words and why the Black community doesn’t agree which is a better term. I talk about why I use the term Black and what to say when talking about the descendants of slaves.

Racism doesn’t exist

Growing up I heard a lot that racism doesn’t exist from the white people in my life. This is an article with some suggested reading that isn’t the standard books being recommended right now. I hope to add more books but if you haven’t read these they are a few of my favorites.

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