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I had read Grey's blog just in passing as I moved through my dance life. I found the opinions poignant, and then I was in one of Grey's class as a Blues event. It treated topics around race and dance in a way that I was personally very moved by, and I felt it set a new standard for me on how to have those sorts of discussions. Then I started reading the blog more and realized that Grey articulated a lot of issues and broached a lot of topics that were otherwise avoided. Even on issues where we have differences, I feel Grey is very strong in opinion and also peaceful in communication, which is exceptionally difficult given the charged nature of the topics at hand. I appreciate that this blog exists and that I can support it as food for thought for all of us.
Jonathan Bojan
"You answer questions I didn't even know I had! I really appreciate your openness around topics that many people avoid, and your straightforward language that makes it easier to understand."
This site is so helpful! I look forward to new posts because I know I’m going to learn something new and useful to me as a white Lindy Hopper trying to learn about and honor the Blackness of these dances. Our dance communities need this! Our country needs this and resources like it. For me, reading and talking about Black dance culture (largely thanks to Obsidian Tea) is becoming an entry point to learning about Blackness more generally. Your approach sparks excitement and interest for non-Black readers while (as far as I can tell) remaining grounded in your own culture and values. I’m grateful for this work.