Grey Armstrong


Obsidian Tea is run by Grey Armstrong – a Black person, Blues dance instructor and Black history researcher.

He was born and raised in Ohio and at a very young age started learning about Black culture. He often felt caught between Black and white culture during his youth, as he was constantly switched between his home life and some social settings and school life and generally being Black in America. Ironically it wasn’t until university that he realized his discomfort in parts of his life was not just because of social awkwardness, but differences in culture.

While earning his degree in communications (think psychology, not radio) He became deeply fascinated but these cultural differences and the lack of communication around race relations. Through his love of blues and blues dancing, he realized he could teach both cultures about each other, and themselves, through the lens of blues dancing. And so, Obsidian Tea was born!

Grey loves teaching, tea, blues and of course cats.