West coast blues

When we think of the Blues the first places that come to mind are always the delta and Chicago. And although that’s not wrong, Blues music was played regionally in many parts of the country. One place with a rich Blues history is California, with the creation of West Coast Blues. This blues has a …

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Blues Dancing 101

Are you a blues dancer looking for more resources? Learning to learn more about the dance? About Black culture? Whether you are new to the style, looking for resources, or just want to gain some context, this article has what you are looking for! Check out this article for a simple summary of blues dancing. …

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Black vs African-American

A complicated topic few in America causally talk about is what to call the Americans that descended from Slaves. Over the years what is considered disrespectful has changed and currently the American Culture seems to be split between if using the term African American or Black is better. With this complicated topic I think it’s …

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