6 Black Non profits to support

I want to take some time to highlight ways to support the community if you, or your work is unsure of where to donate your money. Many people have mentioned that they (or their jobs) have funds but are lacking in time. This week I want you to consider any of these organization to donate too. They all are amazing doing great work and I’m sure you’ll find one group that speaks to you. As non profits even the smallest donation makes a big impact.

Hair on Purpose

The first on the list is Hair on Purpose. Hair, which is a major thing in the Black community, is being used as a way into girls life’s for the better. Hair on Purpose is a program that teaches teens how to care for their hair and through that, how to care for themselves. As we move away from hair straightening towards more natural looks, protective styles and more, education about our hair needs to happen. Many Black people know very little about the structure and care of their own hair. After generations of trying to change it into a more white version more of Black people are slowly learning about their hair. For teens in particular it’s an important status symbol to have hair that you feel proud of.

This group not only addresses that need in our community but also tackles other hard issues, such as; self esteem, mental health, sexual health, education, financial literacy and so much more. They give Black girls a support that isn’t often easily found.

Consider supporting them and the young Black girls they help!


It’s hard being a person of color in America, it’s even hard also being a member of the LGTBQ family as well. That dual minority status creates an unique set of challenges, oppression and lack of support. In NYC a non profit called Fierce NYC is trying to change that. The group is POC lead for POC youth to not only give them a place to meet folx like them but also to join together to advocate for their rights. For members they focus on support, leadership trainings, ways to express themselves. They are hoping this support will help members become comfortable with being leaders in social justice to change their lives.

If you want to support an LGTBQ group that really doing some good work for POC youth, this is one you should totally check out.

Barbershop Books- Reading Holiday Project

I’m sure you’ve seen the Black barbers trading haircuts to young boys for the reading to them. Did you know there is a whole non profit dedicated to improving the literacy of young Black boys and they have a whole program around that idea? I didn’t. It’s a part of the Reading holiday project and is their first program.

They train barbers to teach and support reading while also supplying a child friendly space within the barbershop for young boys to come in and read. They also supply books that have been picked by other Black boys and provide success for the support of the program. Their goal is to address the low literacy rates of Black boys. I love this because again, hair is such a big part of the community and doing this work in a barbershop takes reading outside of the classroom and into everyday life.

If you want to support Black boys reading, Check them out!

Black Fem Inc

One major thing that holds Black people back of all ages, is wealth literacy. Many of us simply know very little about building wealth. That is because of various factors but Black Fem inc is determined to change that in the lives of young Black women and POC.

They have an impressive program they implement into school systems. They train teachers, build programs to meet school goals and provide support and follow up. Their programs are integrated into school life and they have support systems for habit building and parental tools too! I know that I would have loved to have something like this in my youth. As an adult I am shocked by my lack of financial literacy compared to white Americans around the same age. This is 100% a need and I encourage you to support it

100 Black Men of America

In 1963 a non profit was formed, that non profit was 100 Black men of America. These men set out to impact the community and have been running since then. although other programs have done work like this before I liked this non profit because of it’s age and legacy. It’s a mentor ship program with the focus of supporting Black boys in low income communities to rise to their fullest potenitial.

They focus on 4 main areas mentoring, education, health and economic empowerment are at the core of their system. They are considered the top of the mentoring programs for Black men (it’s unclear if they serve women), and are a great cause to support!

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