8 Ways to Support Obsidian Tea Without Spending Money

I’m often asked by people who read the site and are unable to financially support its running how they can support site. The site is free for those people who can’t afford to pay for the content as I believe that educational information should be free. Though I also think the work that is put into that material should be paid for. So, I get it. You can’t afford to be a patron, and that’s okay, but there are some easy things that I need help to keep the site running that I can’t achieve alone.

1) Use the site.

I’m sure this seems fairly obvious to people, yet it’s one of the easiest and most impactful ways that you can support the site without spending money. Why? SEO Ranking. My goal over the next two months is to get Obsidian Tea to be the first thing ranked high on search engine websites. Take some time with the site and click around on it. There are some posts and ideas that you may have missed and would be good to revisit now.

2) Share the posts.

I’m not great at social media and my reach can only be so far as I am just one person promoting the site. My goal long-term is to break the site out into circles beyond my own contacts. The way that I’m doing that as the creator is by creating advertisements, but this costs money and can be difficult to do. Over a thousand people have seen my ad, and yet very few actually read the site; and even less end up helping fund it. On the other hand, folks sharing articles that go beyond just sharing dance articles, and videos, has a bigger impact than any advertisement I can ever make. Although I would appreciate the inclusion of Patreon links and the such, just pushing this information out to a broader audience can make a big impact on the site itself.

Additionally, a lot of the site is promoted on Facebook, mostly because I don’t know how to use other forms of social media, and it would be amazing if people consider sharing the posts on other channels. Ideas like sharing it on Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, or wherever other places you frequently visit and have connections. Because I am not sure how to use those social media sites to the greatest advantage, sharing in those places can have a greater impact than just sharing it on Facebook.

3) Subscriptions.

Recently we started promoting subscribing to the site directly upon visiting it. It’s a great way to have articles and videos delivered directly to your email inbox. This also makes it easier for me to contact the people that are interested in supporting and letting them know about cool things that are occurring in the future with the site. The other option of support this way, is subscribing to our YouTube channel. Additionally, viewing videos there. At some point in the future, I dream of having our YouTube channel be able to be monetized the issue is that it requires a certain level of interest on the part of our viewers.

Like a snowball effect by subscribing it puts us higher in rankings for more people to view and subscribe to watch the work that we do, therefore at some point making it able to be monetized, and creating a passive income for the site. Although it’s such a small thing on the part of our viewers the way to have a major impact on the success of the site. Not only by subscribing yourself but encouraging all the people who regularly read the site to also subscribe. Also, liking videos and clicking the notifications bell so you don’t miss new content. I believe once we get a thousand subscribers we will be able to monetize the account.

4) Testimonials and Recommendations.

As we revamp the site, testimonials for new readers to read and understand that they will get something out of working with this blog. Additionally, it gives me content to make advertisements and things of the same nature. I can also place them on the page so when my ad does work and people visit the page they can read about the way that it impacted people who regularly read the site already. Plus, it makes me feel good.

The other way is for you to recommend this site, and me as a speaker or lecturer, to events conferences and speaking engagements. This is something that I’m deeply passionate about and can talk for hours at length on. Most often at events, I end up in long discussions about things that I write for Obsidian. I’ve also enjoyed many of the lectures that I’ve been hired to make and often feel like I can keep talking for many more hours than I’m being paid to.

I’m personally looking into speaking at Ted events and other events with discussion around dance, Blues, and/or race relations. But, I know a big factor in people bringing me out for these types of engagements or events is by being recommended by their clientele. If it’s requested often it, might actually happen. Having the speaking engagements encourages people to check out the site, and expands my reach in a way that I would normally not have access to. Plus, I just enjoyed it.

5) Tell your friends about the site.

Particularly, friends who might find information useful, friends potentially involved with the site. At this point, that the majority of my readers are dancers, is not surprising; but I’m really excited and hopeful for the potential of reaching audiences that are similarly incited about Blues and Black history and culture. Although a good portion of the site is catered towards dancers I’m excited and interested that there are people interested in other parts of the website. The issue is that I don’t tend to have much time outside dance to know people. Although I know that is the case for many dancers, even just one non-dancer makes an amazing impact.

6) Trades.

One thing I love about the world is that I am not great at everything. The simple fact is no one is. Do you have a skill you think the site needs? Do you have a skill you think I need or might want? I’d love to hear about it. I’m particularly in need of web design, graphic design, social media help, and bodywork. Let’s negotiate some stuff!

7) Get Involved.

Email cool ideas, articles, and discussions to [email protected]. I can’t see all of the internet, all the time. If you find something cool or something you want us to cover, Email us. Or talk about it and #obsidiantea so that we can see it.

8) Be a Discussion Starter.

At times I feel weird writing and not getting much back. Sometimes there is a TON of talk around the things that come out of Obsidian, at times none. I’ve started leaving prompts at the end of articles and it would mean the world to me if I saw people actually engage with them. I’m excited to be more available by comment and messages, so let’s chat.

Support artists in your life however you can. If monetary support is just out of the question, there are many little things you can do that will deeply impact this researcher’s life. I love you all, Obsidians, and I’m excited for this next chapter with obsidiantea.com

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