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What’s a wash cloth?

In college I went to a friends house for an all nighter. Suddenly the sun was burning my eyes. I was gross, in surrounded by papers, in yesterdays clothes and reeked of the crushing weight of deadline stress. “Hey, can I use you shower?” I asked a friend. “ Sure,” He says yawning and hands …

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Diet Coke Racism

Lately I’ve been seeing many articles casting blame on white Americans. People will sometimes put racism on all white people in America. I’ve heard different variations of why this is, from “racism is only for those in power,” to “you are racists because of systemic racism”, to “being white means you are racist”. I’m not …

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Cultural Appropriation: Making Hard Conversations Easier

As an ally, it is important to call out people who are racist or participate in erasure. But let’s face it: Having conversations around cultural appropriation and racism are hard. Often, the majority of discussions are either extremely serious or a bit heavy handed. There is a lot of hurt, discomfort, blame and guilt involved. …

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