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Important News!

Important News! My name is Grey and I am the sole creator of Obsidian Tea. This time last year, I’d just gotten out of major surgery and had decided to take on Obsidian as a project. I’d noticed there was not only a gap in accessible resources for blues dancers to learn more about the …

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Why Support Obsidian Tea?

As I ramp up to strongly promote this month for getting sign ups from Patreon and single donations through kofi, I figure it’s a good time to explain why I run the site this way and why the support is important. When I was a kid my mother asked me what I wanted to be …

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Who do you think you are?! [about the main author]

Occasionally I’m told I’m arrogant. That always makes me chuckle because I have literally no self confidence and it’s all a facade. That’s why it only takes a few tough days, some people’s anxiety causing me to feel imposter syndrome and being called names/misunderstood for me to totally collapse. I’m self conscious about my own …

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