What the context of “the slap” can teach outsiders about Black culture

And why colourblindness is an issue I went to bed early and noted there was some drama at the Oscars. Never one to care much about award shows, I wasn’t interested enough to learn more. At 3 am, I groggily checked my phone and found what I assumed to be minor drama was blowing up …

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The Legacy of Lynching- part 1

Recently at a workshop I slowed class down and had us stop and think as we listen to the well-known song, Strange Fruit.The class was about listening to lyrics and the importance of understanding story. As the song stopped, I found myself struggling to find words to describe the emotion that I was overwhelmed with. I looked out until crowd of faces, that mostly didn’t look like mine, and I saw a vast range of emotions that I didn’t quite understand.

Pride Becomes Wrath

A guest post by: Joey Science Bronzeville stretched from State St to Cottage Grove, between 43rd and 47th St in the 1920s. It was historically known as Chicago’s “Black Metropolis”, and like Harlem during this time, Bronzeville was a center of Black thought and art. Being a drag performer in Bronzeville was a respectable job, …

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Do you wash your Chicken?

It’s been a while since I posted the infamous chicken poll, and with moving I lost track of it. But, if you were surprised here is (part) of why I posted about it. We all learn from a variety of sources of how to live in the world and majority of the time we never …

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Called out! NOw, What?

Oh no! You were called out on shitty behavior and now you not only feel ignorant, and silly, but possibly a lot of other feelings, including defensive. I’m not going to pull my punches in this post where I tell you what your next steps should be and how to not make things worse for the people …

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