Blues dancing 101

The Importance of Solo Dancing in Swing and Blues

Nowadays, the people that come to dance to blues music overall all hate/fear one thing: solo dancing. We’ve heard every reason: “I’m here for the connection”, “I’m scared”, “I don’t care about that”, even “I could never do that”. We want to point out the historical significance of solo dancing, why it’s important in your dancing …

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Blues Dancing 101

Are you a blues dancer looking for more resources? Learning to learn more about the dance? About Black culture? Whether you are new to the style, looking for resources, or just want to gain some context, this article has what you are looking for! Check out this article for a simple summary of blues dancing. …

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What is Blues Dancing?!

What is blues dancing? How do I explain blues dancing to people? Is it just doing whatever you want? So, it’s like free-style? As a professional blues dance instructor and ex-organizer, I get these questions all the time; and on Obsidian we have never taken the time to answer them. What is blues dancing? Blues …

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