Everyday Representation

As a Black American one thing that constantly plagues my life is a lack of representation. When people think of representation we often think of visual representations first. Although as a country we have gotten better about showing more diversity in film, we are still struggling with everyday life. 

Take a moment and notice how many areas you’d never have to search too hard for a product/service to work for you.

  • Hair service
  • Hair products
  • Make-up
  • Tattoos
  • Skin Tone Underwear
  • Skin tone anything really
  • Classic movies of your culture
  • Music of your culture
  • Automatic sinks/dryers
  • Clothing (sizing and color)

This isn’t to say no one else struggles with one or two of these but people’s of darker skin and particularly of African decent, often only have one or two choices in these areas.

What other areas can you think of that you never worry too hard about finding a product/service that works for you?

1 thought on “Everyday Representation”

  1. I can find food that works for me, both in grocery stores and eating out. I can nearly always find something that’s culturally appropriate (spice level, familiar with the food, stuff my family eats or that I grew up eating, etc.), meets my health needs, meets my religious needs.

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