Idiom dances- a break down

Are you confused about this new term you’ve heard in the community? IDIOM DANCE?! Well, today we’re going to break down what exactly that means and how it fits into blues dancing, how the term has come about, and what the future looks like. Right now, there are a lot of debates in the community …

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Who do you think you are?! [about the main author]

Occasionally I’m told I’m arrogant. That always makes me chuckle because I have literally no self confidence and it’s all a facade. That’s why it only takes a few tough days, some people’s anxiety causing me to feel imposter syndrome and being called names/misunderstood for me to totally collapse. I’m self conscious about my own …

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#For the Love of Blues!

During the last year I’ve noticed a trend within the Blues community that’s been happening on the back end of things. As we focus so much on all the things that we wish to see within the world, within ourselves, and within our community in general, we seem to have lost sight of the love …

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I am not your Negro

Do you know the name James Baldwin? I sure didn’t until about a year ago when me and the best friend went to watch this movie in a nearly empty theater. All the few guests were Black. After that night, several debate videos, and readings of his later and I was shocked that such a …

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Black Women: The Avoided Dancer

In our scene, Black women are avoided. There is a reason why Black women are among the lowest demographic in the blues/swing dancing communities. And yet, thus far it’s something we’ve refused to talk about because we fear getting pushback for discussing it. So these discussions take place in small group chats and behind the …

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