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Obsidian Tea is a blog that celebrates Black Culture, context, and history. Grey Armstrong is a young black culture nerd. He gives you his unique take on identity and race relations from black Arts to emerging culture changes, and to provide you with the tools to change race relations one step at a time.

Understanding Black Culture doesn’t have to be as dull as your 5th grade history class.

"You answer questions I didn't even know I had! I really appreciate your openness around topics that many people avoid, and your straightforward language that makes it easier to understand."

Created By: Grey Armstrong

Everyone’s doing it. Face it, your company needs it. Times are changing. DEI work doesn’t have to soul crushingly stressful and dull.

It’s not something you have to do, it’s something you get to do! With my help your team will have new perspectives, clear actions to take, and you might even like your co-workers more by then end.

Let’s break some biases and rebuild them into better, more compassionate, and understanding systems. 

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It’s hard to see the water you are swimming in,and even once you do, what do you do about it? That’s why I’m here. Whether you are are still building awareness around the concept of DEI and how you fit in it, or you feel pretty confident in DEI but don’t want to but your foot in your mouth, I can help. I’m so excited to expand your awareness to the entire ocean around you, and how everything affects everyone. 

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The only thing worse than meetings that could have been an email, is boring speakers. Something about about a warm room, droning voice and dry topic I’m forced to listen to, always puts me to sleep. Then, I snore. Being humorous and light about hard topics is a hard skill to achieve but one I’m proud and excited to share with people. Speaking and lectures are performance and should be persuasive, entertaining and informative. That, I can do.

Be it marketing, interpersonal group dynamics or, finding and achieve your goals, or values, I love helping systems be more functional. sometimes it’s best to have an outsider take fresh eyes to a problem a group is struggling with. Struggles happen but they don’t have to stay.

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